Community Council

School Community Council (SCC)

“The Utah State Legislature passed a law in 2000 requiring every public school in the state to establish a School Community Council* at the school-site level (Utah Code. Section 53A-1a-108). Two years later the legislature passed a second bill mandating several changes in the duties, powers and membership of the School Community Councils in Utah. This law took effect July 1, 2002.” For more information on School Community SCC image-154x144Councils, please see the documents below. Please visit and use this website as an invaluable resource for your School Community Council. If you’re a new parent member of a School Community Council, please take the time to read the Parent Checklist to become familiar with your role and responsibilities on the council.  If you’ve been elected to serve as the Council Chair, please take the time to read the Council Chair Checklist so that you can run the council effectively.  These checklists as well as other checklists can be found on the School LAND Trust website.

Duties of the Community Council include the following:

  • Develop a School Improvement Plan
  • Develop a School LAND Trust Program
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a Staff Development Plan
  • Develop a Child Access Routing Plan (elementary level only)
  • Advise and make recommendations to school and District administrators and to the
    School Board when appropriate
  • Develop a Reading Achievement Plan (elementary level only)
  • Create subcommittees and task forces as needed

Discovery SCC Application  (Application must be into the principal by Aug. 21.  Elections will be held on Aug. 22 at back -to -school night.  We will have the ballot ready with names on it for all to vote for a Community Council.  All votes will be placed in a locked ballot box.)

Rules of Orders and Procedure

Changes for Community Councils

Parent Participation

You may review State Board Rules on school community councils and information regarding the School LAND Trust program at the following sites:

Utah Administrative Code Rule R277-491 – School Community Councils

Utah Code §53A-1a-108 – School community councils duties, composition, election procedures and selection of members


School Community Council:

  • prepare a plan that identifies the school’s greatest academic need(s);
  • determine how School LAND Trust money is spent.


Discovery Elementary School Community Council for 2016-2017

  • Jennifer Foley 2                           Parent        781-6548  
  • Alicia White  1                              Parent        781-6165
  • Kevin Remington  2                   Parent        790-3081
  • Sarah Gray  2                              Parent       299-2919     
  • Michelle Labrum   1        Chair Parent       781-6165    
  • Christy Angus    2     Co- Chair Parent        790-7144
  • Misty Spiers       1                         Parent        828-1310
  • Amy Struthers    1                       Teacher      781-3146 
  • EmmaRae Wright  1                   Teacher      781-3146  
  • Tammy Christensen                   Principal    781-3146

Community Council Meetings will be held at 3:50 p.m. in the Conference Room

Meeting Schedule 2016-2017  Dates Selected for our Meetings for the year – All are welcome to attend community council meetings.

Date                                           Agenda                         Minutes

September 7, 2016                     Agenda-9-7-2016        Minutes 9-7-2016

October 12, 2016                         Agenda 10-12-16          Minutes 10-12-16

January 11, 2017                         Agenda 01-11-17             Minutes for Jan 11th

March 15, 2017                           Agenda-March-15-2017 Minutes March-15-2017

April 26, 2017 (If needed)

Meeting Schedule 2015-2016

Date                                           Agenda                         Minutes

September 8, 2015                     Agenda                             Minutes

November 10, 2015                    Agenda                             Minutes

January 12, 2016                        Agenda                             Minutes

March 8, 2016                            Agenda                             Minutes March 8

May 10, 2016

Meeting Schedule 2014-2015

 September 4, 2014            Agenda                                      Minutes

October 14, 2014                Agenda                                       Minutes

November 11, 2014            Agenda                                       Minutes

January 13, 2015                 Agenda                                      Minutes

March 31, 2015                  Agenda                                        Minutes

2013-2014 Agenda and Minutes

September 17, 2013        Agenda                                        Minutes

October 29,2013            Agenda                                         Minutes

January 21, 2014           Agenda                                         Minutes

March 11 ,2014                                                                    Minutes

We invite all parents to consider joining our School Community Council.  By doing so, You can directly influence how school funds are spent and help us make our great school even better.

May 6, 2014 : Our School Land Trust plan has been approved and does not need revision.


2013-2014 Final Report

Amounts received from school land trust program