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Different types of SEO services and why you need to know the difference

The term SEO doesn’t really have a specific definition. It’s something where different people throw it around, being a lot of different things. Some of them, quite frankly, I don’t know how they’re really in good conscience calling it SEO. But there are all these different programs, you’ll see them out there. We just want to give you an idea of what it can really mean.
The first thing is what I like to call “not really SEO.” I’ve seen this a lot with website hosts, where they’ll say that the sites are optimized, and what they really mean is that the site is able to be crawled and there’s maybe some automatic meta tags that are made.
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You’re actually doing something here. This is where the company is actually optimizing the whole site, or the whole page, at least, the pages that they’re optimizing. So they’re not just doing meta tags, but they’re dealing with the content of the site and just the various elements there, the different tags that are there. And they’re doing keyword research, and this is really important. This is something that I think gets overlooked by a lot of organizations. Keyword research is very important. You’re trying to figure out what can you really rank for, at least at this point? What does your site authority allow you to do? What are the search engines going to be willing to rank this site for? And also, what are people actually searching for? If I try to optimize you for a keyword that you can’t rank for, well, you’re going to show up in #50, and no one’s ever going to see.
This is some good SEO here, and this is where you’re doing the on-page optimization, doing the keyword research to figure out what are the keywords that you can really benefit from, and then starting to do some link building. This is building the site authority for your site, and when I say authority, it’s how important do the search engines think that your site is, and what are they going to be willing to rank you for? The more authority you have, the more competitive the keywords that they’ll rank you for. Doing link building and things like that, that’s going to start to build that authority up. You’re going to start to be able to rank for more and more competitive keywords. It’s going to be a progressive thing. You’re actually improving over time, which is a good thing. Then we have the last one, this is “great SEO.” This is what hopefully you would be willing to do, or a company would be willing to do for you.