Why Online Marketing Is Important For Your Edmonton HVAC Website

Why Online Marketing Is Important For Your Edmonton HVAC Website
Why Online Marketing Is Important For Your Edmonton HVAC Website 2018-04-04T15:31:35+00:00

Here are a couple of tried and true tips to market your HVAC company on the internet, courtesy of the pro contractors at Reliance The Furnace Company Edmonton.

1) An HVAC website apart from being optimized should look good on all displays

Without zooming, as it hardly takes a split second for visitors to be impressed by your site once they visit it. Design plays an important role in the impression they form and can break or make a sale. The site also needs to be easy to navigate and use.

2) HVAC company overview, qualifications, and history

Establishing credibility and conveying your HVAC expertise to potential customers is important. Providing a history of your company, its overview, your vision, mission, certifications, and qualifications will help visitors get a sense of your company and its capabilities.

3) HVAC service and product information

Thanks to advances in technology, air conditioners, furnaces, and other HVAC products are changing and evolving. Therefore, it is important to product detailed product information about star ratings, size, efficiency, benefits, and features so that customers can make informed decisions after understanding their options. Informing potential customers about how your process works (warranty, product information, the completion time for replacement or installation, estimated time of arrival of the technician) and service options are important too.

4) Customer testimonials

Reviews are vital in informing potential clients about your company and compel them to hire your HVAC company. Therefore, feature testimonials throughout your website as well as sites like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Yelp! and Google) to help your HVAC company to establish a reputation and online presence. Search engines rank sites containing positive reviews higher in the search results.

5) Scheduling an HVAC service form

“Schedule a Service” form and the company’s phone number are two of the primary call to action on an HVAC website. Therefore, display them prominently in an easily accessible page on your website.

6) Financing options

Purchasing a new air conditioner or furnace can be quite expensive. You can make your HVAC company stand apart from the rest by offering financing options to customers. Create a separate page containing all financial options along with steps required to avail financing.

7) Special offers and rebate information

Rebate options and ongoing specials are great incentives that drive people to action. Offering a method that allows visitors to subscribe and receive rebate information and special offers regularly is an excellent method to drive repeat businesses from existing customers and stay in front of potential new clients. It is also an excellent idea to post this information on the social media site of your company to gain as much reach as possible in your online marketing pursuit.

8) Contact information

On many occasions, visitors to your site are facing an emergency situation such as a broken water heater, air conditioner, and furnace, etc. Your HVAC company’s email address and phone number are the big calls to action. Therefore, display this information prominently on each page. If you provide round the clock service, display this information in a prominent location too.

9) Blog

Posting useful and relevant information on your company’s blog accomplishes several goals. It puts your HVAC company as an expert in the reader’s mind, feeds search engines with keyword rich content, and helps your company provide your clients with useful and relevant information. Apart from this, setting up the blog posts to display on your social media site each time they are published is a terrific method to drive more traffic to your website.

10) SEO: Nearly all customers employ search engines when deciding to purchase

Therefore, apart from writing target audience oriented content, it should also be friendly for search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Avoid using industry jargon and, if possible, focus each page on a single keyword phrase. Optimizing each page for search engines ensures that your website is easily found online and helps build a strong online presence.

11) Presence on social media sites

Your HVAC company’s website should have a presence on all key social media sites such as Google+ Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Having a presence on social media sites provides information to potential clients about your company. It also assists to the reach of your HVAC company and grow your network.

12) Email marketing

Sending regular email newsletters to your clients containing useful tips, maintenance reminders, rebate and specials information, educational articles, as well as “how to” articles also plays a huge role in internet marketing, and will keep your company in the top of mind when customers require HVAC services or products.

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